Commercial Building Inspections in Central Ohio

Do you need a commercial building inspection in Cleveland? Then contact us – Commercial Building Inspections LLC! We are certified commercial building inspectors serving all of Central Ohio and more. We inspect such buildings as stores, warehouses, apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings, light industrial buildings, and more. So if you…

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Your Akron Commercial Building Inspectors

Are you searching for commercial building inspectors in Akron Ohio? Than you have come to the right place! We are NACBI and InterNACHI Certified Professional Building Inspectors serving all of Ohio. As Experienced and certified commercial property inspectors here in Akron, we have the skills, knowledge, and professionalism to give…

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What Is Dew Point

We talk about Dew Point on commercial building inspections because it affects how certain systems function. But What id Dew Point? The dew point temperature is the temperature below which the water vapor contained in the flue gas will turn into a condensate (a liquid). This is often referred to…

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